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Project Summary

Electronic waste (E-waste) is known to be one of the fastest-growing waste streams on the planet. With production of e-waste coming close to 50 million tonnes each year, there is a clear need for action to be taken.
E-waste encompasses all electrical equipment that are either unwanted, broken or even outdated for usage. E-waste contains a list of chemicals that are very harmful to the environment and people including mercury and lead, when mishandled these chemicals can end up in water, air and in our soil.
Take upon this challenge to start cleaning up those old electronic devices laying around in your house and start charging up the world with the energy and precious metals you save!

The Challenge

The 3 Week Battery Challenge has three objectives: Identify, Research and Dispose.
Identify (Week 1):
Identify as many electronics in your home are either unwanted, broken or outdated. There is no need to decide whether you want to dispose of it yet, spend this week identifying as many electronics that can be potentially recycled!
Research (Week 2):
Now that you have identified a list of electronics that you might consider recycling, let’s do some research into them!
Use this link to determine if your device falls under any of the categories that e-waste stations accept as electronic disposals. 
Dispose (Week 3):
As your final step, use this link to find the nearest E-waste recycling location to you!
Sort out the electronics that you have decided to recycle and record the estimated energy you have saved from the estimations below. Use these numbers in the submission form to submit your impact!
  • 1 laptop saves 40.1 kwh of energy
  • 1 tablet saves 26.47 kwh of energy
  • 1 phone saves 13.23 kwh of energy
  • 1 television saves 53.3 kwh of energy
  • 1 Desktop computer saves 61.5 kwh of energy

NOTE: If the device you want to recycle does not fall under the estimated energy savings above, feel free to find a source and reference on your own (and cite your source in your submission), or email us for help!

How to Submit

  1. Before starting your project, please fill out this registration form.
  2. Complete the project using the instructions above, or in the project guide PDF below.
  3. Input your final impact metrics in the submission form.

Helpful Links & Resources

The Recycle My Electronics program has a network of over 2,500 drop-off locations throughout the country! 
Find out where you can recycle your electronics here! 
Find out what electronics you can recycle here! 
If you are looking for locations to drop off electronics on the Western University campus, there are recycling bins on almost every floor in every building on campus. For more information on locations of these bins on campus contact or send us an email for specific location information!
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