Habit Bingo

Project Summary

Once you have built up a habit, it has the potential to stay with you for the rest of your life that is, if you choose to let it. This project is meant to act like a jumping-off point to kickstart some good environmentally conscious habits that you can incorporate for a more sustainable lifestyle!
Every aspect of our lives leads back to energy and how we are impacting our planet. The tasks in this project may seem small, they are a step in the right direction in helping all of us combat climate change.

How to Complete

To begin the challenge, make a copy of the bingo card linked here.

Novice Level Saver - Complete any line on a bingo card (horizontal, vertical, diagonal).
Try to complete this challenge in a week!
Intermediate Level Saver - Complete an X on a bingo card.
Can you complete this challenge in a month?
Expert Level Saver - Complete a full bingo card
You’re a master! Try to get this challenge done in two months!

Once you have a copy of the bingo cards spreadsheet, here are the steps you need to take to complete the project:
  1. The first sheet is called “Project Intro”, which includes a brief introduction, and what steps to follow!
  2. Click on the sheet titled “Bingo Boards”, there are 3 randomized bingo cards, choose whichever!  
  3. Pick out a task that you would like to do, complete it and keep track of your progress!
  4. Repeat step 3 to start another task! If you complete a full bingo card, feel free to complete the others to the best of your ability!
  5. If you complete all 3 cards, send us an email at western@studentenergy.org and we can generate new cards to help you keep up your good habits

Calculate your Impact

“It’s just one plastic straw…” said 7 billion people! Yes, you might be thinking, it’s just one straw, or it’s only one plastic bag, but the reality is that approximately 57 million straws are used every day in Canada. That is equivalent to 456,000 kWh that could have been saved! 41 million plastic bags are used daily which is equivalent to 7,134,000 kWh. The impacts we make as individuals seem small, but it all adds up to have large impacts. For many of these challenges, we have included the energy, water and/or CO2 equivalent you will be saving. Although it may seem small for only one person, if thousands, millions, and even billions of people join in, that is a big impact.
For each task you completed, you will need to calculate the energy, water and Co2e savings that you earned!
  1. Once you are all done playing bingo, count the number of times you completed and highlighted the different tasks on the bingo boards. Ex. “I ate vegan 3 different days”
  2. Click on the sheet titled “Impact Calculations”, and add the number of times you completed a task
  3. Watch as the amount of energy, water, and CO2e you have saved goes up and up!

Register, Complete & Submit

Step 1: Before starting your project, please fill out this registration form.
Step 2: Complete the project following the instructions above, or the project guide (below).
Step 3: Once you have completed the project, fill out this submission form.

Other Helpful Links & Resources

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